Tuition Prices

GradeMonthly TuitionAnnual Tuition
K3 (Tues. & Thurs. mornings- 8:15-11:45)$90$950
K4 (5 half days- 8:15-11:45)$215$2,200
K5 (5 half days- 8:15-12:00)$215$2,200
K4-8th (All day- 8:15-3:15)$268$2,730
Multiple Student Family Discounts Available as Follows
(No discounts are offered for K3 and half day K4/K5 students.)
2 full day students$492 $4,970
3 full day students$689$6,940
4 full day students$739 $7,440
1 full day student & 1 half day K4/K5 student$483 $4,880
2 full day students & 1 half day K4/K5 student$707 $7,120
3 full day students & 1 half day K4/K5 student$739$7,440
*Discounts offered for multiple children living in the same household attending all day school. No discounts given for half day students.

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