Tuition Prices

GradeMonthly TuitionAnnual Tuition
K3 (Tues. & Thurs. mornings- 8:15-11:45)$90$950
K4 (5 half days- 8:15-11:45)$215$2,200
K5 (5 half days- 8:15-12:00)$215$2,200
K4-8th (All day- 8:15-3:15)$268$2,730
Multiple Student Family Discounts Available as Follows
(No discounts are offered for K3 and half day K4/K5 students.)
2 full day students$492 $4,970
3 full day students$689$6,940
4 full day students$739 $7,440
1 full day student & 1 half day K4/K5 student$483 $4,880
2 full day students & 1 half day K4/K5 student$707 $7,120
3 full day students & 1 half day K4/K5 student$739$7,440
*Discounts offered for multiple children living in the same household attending all day school. No discounts given for half day students.

2 thoughts on “Tuition Prices

  1. Good morning, my name is Tamara Baker and I am inquiring about my children doing one or two classes at your school due to my children homeschooling. Is it possible for them to take one or two classes in a classroom setting at your school? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

    Tamara Baker

    1. Thanks for reaching out. Will you give me some more information? Specifically, the grades of your children, the subjects you are looking at, and if this is for next school year?
      Thank you,
      Hannah Garrett

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