“Mr. Alden made my year better.”~ Jesse

“We get to learn about God.”~ Nevaeh

“There aren’t huge classes.”~ Kalli

“It has good Bible curriculum.”~ Brandt

“We have guest speakers.”~ Josie

“We get to hear Kirby!”~ Sierra

2020-2021 7th & 8th grade class

We love Bethel Christian School and would encourage you to find out about being a Crusader too! The class sizes are small, the curriculum is strong, and most importantly, it also includes a biblical foundation. The teachers and staff are the best and focus on not only teaching but also building relationships with each child and serve as excellent Christian role models for all students. We are blessed to be a part of the BCS family!

Kimberly (parent of 1st grade student)

The competitive curriculum at Bethel well-prepared me for my college classes and gave me an advantage. Learning in a Christian environment from a young age protected me from worldly influences while learning the Word. I would not be who I am today without the foundation Bethel provided me, not only for continued education, but also for living.

Abigail (BCS alumna)

I am so thankful for Bethel Christian School. I am a former student and teacher, and now I get the blessing of having my children attend there. I love the security of knowing that my children are being taught by people who love the Lord and are also very dedicated to their important job in shaping these little minds to know and love our God.

LeeAnn (mother of K4 and 1st grade students)

We have had at least one child at Bethel for the last 20 years. After the first week at the school, I told my husband that I wanted our children to attend all the way through.  We have had five of our eight children graduate eighth grade and currently have two attending there. The teachers love the Lord and the children. Their hope, as well as us as parents, is that each child comes to know Jesus and walk with Him. We couldn’t be more thankful for this small school.

Jennifer (mother of K4 and 6th grade student)

Bethel Christian School has been such a blessing to our family. Our kids feel so loved by the staff there, and they absolutely love going to school every day. They are challenged in numerous, educational ways, and we are grateful for the importance of God’s Word in the classroom. We love BCS!

Haileigh (mother of 1st and 3rd grade students)

I am so thankful for Bethel Christian School and the impact it has had on our community, on my family, and on me personally.  I have taught at Bethel for 39 years.  All three of my children have attended Bethel, and eight of my grandchildren have attended, also.  I love Bethel for its academic excellence, spiritual emphasis, and family atmosphere.  I love my job, and I love this school.

Mrs. Neidigh (teacher)

I attended Bethel Christian School, and now I send my children to Bethel.  The curriculum is challenging and relevant, the staff is dedicated to their work, and the small class size ensures my children are getting the attention they need.  Most importantly, the Word of God is taught and celebrated which is a valuable foundation for my children’s lives.

Shannon (mother of a kindergarten and 3rd grade student)

If you’re reading this, you have made a great and a very important first step in first choosing, the right path for, and secondly, a superb place to receive a solid foundational education for your child.  I value deeply in establishing a firm and proper cornerstone through educating young minds with the truth about our country, our world, and most importantly, our God.  My children have been blessed with these values gained through the outstanding curriculum and staff offered at Bethel Christian School, which I wouldn’t trade for any other, especially in these trying times we live in.

Kent (father of 3rd grade student)

I would recommend Bethel Christian School to anyone looking for a quality, traditional education with a Biblical worldview.  the teachers are dedicated and care deeply about their students.  The class sizes are small which is another plus.  The tuition is comparatively low in contrast to other private schools making it an affordable choice for our family.

Kay (grandmother to a 2nd grader, 5th grader, and 6th grader) Testimonials

Our daughter is in her fifth year at BCS.  The entire staff are very caring and look out for each child’s welfare as if it were their own child.  Our daughter  has excelled in her schoolwork as well as growing spiritually and in Biblical knowledge.  We just cannot say enough good things about BCS.

Tim (father of 3rd grade student)

My kids are treated like family at Bethel Christian School.  The teachers care about my kids and make a point to get to know them personally.  They know their personal interests and ask them about them regularly.  I know my kids are loved when they are at school.  I wouldn’t want them anywhere else.

Hannah (mother to a 1st grader, 7th grader, and 8th grader)