K4 Curriculum

K4 Student Kit

K4 Overview

Phonics—Your student will enjoy carefully sequenced activities that will teach him his vowels, consonants, blends, one-vowel words, and two-vowel words. The Abeka method has produced thousands of successful readers for more than half a century!

Reading—Building on this foundation of phonics, by second semester your student will actually be reading little books!

Cursive writing—The continuous flow of cursive writing is much more natural for little ones than the starts and stops of manuscript writing. Research has shown that learning cursive writing improves a child’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and other brain and memory functions including increased focus and prolonged attention. Prepare to be amazed with your student’s beautiful writing skills as he learns good technique from the beginning.

Numbers—Your student will love the numerous counting and coloring activities that teach him number concepts and formation of numbers 1–20 and counting up to 100. Adding 1 to a number acquaints him with how numbers work.

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Girl’s Cheerleading

Girl’s cheerleading is offered if there is enough interest from grades 3-8. Cheerleading runs through the duration of the boy’s basketball season, generally from October through January.

Girl’s Volleyball

Girl’s volleyball is for girls in grades 3rd-8th. If we have enough girls, we divide the girls into an older and younger group. Volleyball season runs from August through October.

Girl’s Basketball

Girl’s basketball is for girls in grades 3-8. If we have enough girls, we divide the group into a younger and older group. Girl’s basketball is season is from October through January.

Boy’s Basketball

Boys basketball is for grades 4-8th. If we have enough boys to play, we divide the group into a younger and older group. Basketball season usually begins in October and runs through January.

Book Fees

2022-2023 Book fees are due no later than June 10, 2022.

GradeBook FeesBook Fees After June 10

Other Fees

Registration Fee until April 30- $50

Registration Fee after April 30- $100

Milk Ticket- $7 for a 20 count milk and popcorn ticket


At Bethel Christian, we use Abeka curriculum throughout our school from K3-8th grade. Abeka is located in Pensacola, Florida since 1972 and is a well-known, respected curriculum in the Christian school community. Abeka has high expectations for the students using their curriculum. We also teach cursive writing in all grades.

Tuition Prices

GradeMonthly TuitionAnnual Tuition
K3 (Tues. & Thurs. mornings- 8:15-11:45)$90$950
K4 (5 half days- 8:15-11:45)$215$2,200
K5 (5 half days- 8:15-12:00)$215$2,200
K4-8th (All day- 8:15-3:15)$268$2,730
Multiple Student Family Discounts Available as Follows
(No discounts are offered for K3 and half day K4/K5 students.)
2 full day students$492 $4,970
3 full day students$689$6,940
4 full day students$739 $7,440
1 full day student & 1 half day K4/K5 student$483 $4,880
2 full day students & 1 half day K4/K5 student$707 $7,120
3 full day students & 1 half day K4/K5 student$739$7,440
*Discounts offered for multiple children living in the same household attending all day school. No discounts given for half day students.